What is Concierge Care?

Concierge care allows patients to have additional benefits not found in a standard practice. Easy access with direct physician communication, extended office visits, same or next-day appointments, direct communication between Dr. Baker and all your other physicians are many of the services provided with concierge care.

How does Concierge medicine differ from a traditional insurance-based practice?

Concierge medicine puts the focus back on the patient/physician relationship. Baker Cardiology has a limited number of patients within its practice, so Dr. Baker can focus more attention on each individual patient.

What does the membership plan include?

Your membership fee includes easy same-day or next-day physician access. You will have direct access to Dr Baker without having to go through an answering service. Your plan includes courtesy visits while in the hospital, extended-care facility visits and an array of other services related to travel medicine and cardiovascular care.

What if I have insurance or Medicare?

You are allowed to see a concierge care physician if you have insurance or Medicare. The additional membership fee provides an array of enhanced services not found in a standard cardiovascular practice.

Do you bill insurance?

Yes. Our practice is designed to enhance your patient experience. We will continue to bill your insurance for services provided.

Do I still need insurance?

Yes. It’s very important to maintain insurance and/or Medicare to cover your healthcare needs.

Can I see Dr. Baker as often as I want?

Yes, with the concierge care model, you can see Dr. Baker as often as you need.

Will Dr Baker see me if I’m in the hospital?

Yes, Dr. Baker makes courtesy visits to the hospitals where he is on staff. He will discuss your case with the hospitalist, review your plan of care, answer questions and make recommendations to make your stay more comfortable and provide communication between you, other physicians, and family members upon request.

In hospitals where he is not on staff, Dr. Baker will directly communicate with the hospitalist. Hospital admissions for serious medical problems are stressful and often confusing for patients and their families. Dr. Baker will act as your health care advocate and directly communicate with you and your loved ones.